Morning Moments

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My Morning Moments

Each morning, in my sacred place and time my heart cries out for the Father of life and lights, to draw near unto Him and hear from Him. Here is where my heart is poured out to Him, be it rejoicing, sadness, frustration, whatever is stirring in my heart and to be completely honest and transparent with the Lord God almighty and engage Him and seek His face, His heart, His voice and all of heaven and whatever else He wishes to share with me to know Him and what is in His heart. So these moments are here for you as encouragement to find and develop your own unique time with Him and to discover the fullness of what can really happen in these moments. It will help you to break out of the limitations the world and religion place around you to prevent you from entering into His presence and experiencing heaven. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, heaven, angels, and the saints that have gone on and transitioned over to the other side are here for us as the Father wills. Some come and have a moment with the Father.

Enjoy These Precious Moments

Episode 1

Did you know that you will accomplish that which you have been sent to accomplish?

Episode 2

The War Within. How to be still enter God's presence, encounter heaven and have victory in life.

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We are all on a quest, but many don't recognize it, nor know what it is. My Sacred Quest is a travel log book to capture your journey and discover that the quest you are on is much greater than you could have ever imagined. It's just like from the song the Man From Le Mancha "To follow that matter how far. 

Morning Moments

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