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Meet Roger Gauthier

Roger Gauthier, known as The Entrepreneurial Composer, is a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of empowering individuals and organizations to fulfill their divine destinies. His path, marked by the exploration of success, fame, money, and acceptance, has led him to profound revelations about love, peace and true life, which he & his amazing team now shares with others. As the Executive Director of ATKV, SSM, and host of several podcasts, Roger & his team combines their entrepreneurial insights, digital expertise with spiritual growth & personal development coaching. Join him in a journey of spiritual discovery and digital entrepreneurship, learning from their diverse expertise, and walking towards a destiny that truly matters.

Some of our digital outreaches...

Courageous Heroes

Warriors Wealth Network

Walking Out Your Destiny

Who's Depending On Your Dream

These outreaches are digital channels, championing God's Kingdom Vision through personal development, purpose fulfillment, and gratitude towards society's heroes. Our digital platforms are not just websites; they are bridges to extend God's love and vision.

A Few Testimonials of Our Impact

Kellie Fraizer

Our business and life was transformed when we met Roger and Advancing The Kingdom's Vision. We've expanded into markets that we never would have thought of and are reaching more children and impacting our world much greater.

David Caspillo

We were stuck trying to move our vision forward and had been going in circles for month. ATKV was able to get things moving in days what we could not get done in months.

Savanna Watson

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Securing the right relationships

The right things get done with the right relationships. Whether that be resolving personal issues, growing your ministry and making your full impact it happens only when you partner with the right people.

Scale Your Vision

Growing your vision requires doing the right thing for the right reasons, while also identifying what is holding you back and putting in the proper tools and systems to be able to scale and minister to those you are serving, well.

Narrow  your focus

Many times individuals & organizations lack the focus as to what they have been called to and how to go about properly serving their families, members, teams community, and ultimately impacting their nations. ATKV comes along side and helps develop the focus, systems and processes, while developing your whole life skills so you can be a better leader, and ultimately the world changer in your sphere of influence.

Walking in fullness

We will never experience the fullness of life in every area of our lives, and in our world if we neglect the truths that make each area work well. And that truth is not only letting God, who is love, have unrestricted access to every area of our lives, but more importantly doing what we are instructed to do to have that area flourish. ATKV creates a space for that exchange to happen while also providing a loving supporting environment to hold you accountable for the change to stick. 

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